July in Review

Here’s all the July stuff that wasn’t Mom and Dad visiting.

July 10th: Went to hear one of the Central Park Summer Classic Concerts, except this summer the Central Park concerts aren’t in the park but in Temple Emanu-El, which is gigantic and beautiful. (Also I didn’t go to the park by accident, I walked through it to get to the show). OH and in this picture of the jogger tunnel I’m pretty sure that’s my friend Corrine jogging by in the green.

July 12: Jake and Natalie were in town and they helped me discover my new burger passion—the crispy cheese smashburger at the Usual. I’ve been 4 times since and I think I’m finally reaching satisfaction levels.


July 13: went down to midtown for Go Go Curry. The blackout happened. Walked to 116th street. Did not take enough photos. But check out these two at the end where you can see the line in the middle of the block between 71st and 72nd street where there was power and there wasn’t power.

July 16: Went out to El Cortez in Bushwick for a comedy show I had a good feeling about. This would be the second time this year that I went to a comedy show with nearly no audience at all, besides me.

July 21: Happy Birthday to Festus!


July 24: Went back to the Usual with Greg and Ned because I was fiending for those crispy cheese cheeseburgers and the madras mustard for the fries. Asked Ned to take a picture of Greg and I, had a lot of auto focus fails and tests. Was it human error? I’ll never say!

And now, for an unexpected grand finale, a day at the Delaware State Fair with Maggie and Carol (a.k.a. “Two Moms”!)—I’d never been to a state fair and would you believe these are only pics from the first couple hours because I totally drained my battery that quickly? (And, er, the backup battery wasn’t charged?) I’ll never make a mistake like this again! <—(referring to not charging batteries, NOT going to fairs).

Patriotic Weekend with Mom and Dad

Nothing says “4th of September Post” like an account of a 4th of July by Mom and Dad!

Shortly after their arrival, we went to see the goats at Riverside Park. The goats were on a break. But we saw the outside of Grant’s Tomb and the outside of Riverside Chapel and a first wooden duck before heading downtown.

We went to the East Village for dinner at Oiji, which was a bigger hit than I ever could have hoped, and not just because of the honey butter chips!

Then we walked on down to the Financial District to watch the fireworks from Trevor’s apartment.

July 5: The big thing about today was eating at Tacos No 1, getting cookies, and then seeing the Ferryman on its closing weekend with Ned (who explained his latest trek to be taken to Dad all the way home)

July 6: We began this day with a trip to Wave Hill in the Bronx, which is really rather nice (and free before noon!) once you figure out how to get there when the 1 isn’t running.

Then back downtown we went for (visitor’s choice) dinner at Emmy Squared, a visit to the Swiss Institute, and a viewing of Yesterday.

July 7: Before church, everyone gets something they love at Daily Provisions.

After church: Fix your shoe, put on your SPF, we’re walking the Highline! (And then having dinner at Upland)

July 8: First things first, the Cloisters

Then lunch at Cosme, which included a pork chop with ants on in and the famous cork husk mousse.

Then we split up into teams, with Mom and me checking out the birds along Broadway as well as Hudson Yards before meeting back up with Dad at Minetta Tavern, which is loud.

July 9: and wow, just like that it was time for a Lyft back to Chicago!