Here you'll find links to writing projects and things I wrote at other urls

Onetwo moremons more the introduction to ongoing independent Finnegans Wake research project of mine

On Tortas Cubanas for Lucky Peach
The Quest for New York City's Most Adequate Dollar Slice for Lucky Peach (website now defunct, apparently, link to my own copy of the article)
A Commodious Vicus of Recirculation from My Burning Eyes, No. 2
The Leopard at des Artistes restaurant review for TimeOut New York

Where We Went, What We Rode (Many words on a Disneyland trip in 2010) from
This is What I Have Been Up To (The story of why I only have one elbow now) from
Pretend This is a Picture Book (My most popular post ever. It's about Sea Otters.) from

The Firearm (A fake newspaper I published with Andrew Berthrong during our last year of college. Many compared it to the Onion, but I considered us more inspired by the old Vice and the New Yorker's Goings On About Town section. Last year I discovered a friend was hosting all our issues on his personal website, so I provide the link here.)