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On Tortas Cubanas for Lucky Peach
The Quest for New York City's Most Adequate Dollar Slice for Lucky Peach
A Commodious Vicus of Recirculation from My Burning Eyes, No. 2
The Leopard at des Artistes restaurant review for TimeOut New York

Where We Went, What We Rode (Many words on a Disneyland trip in 2010) from
This is What I Have Been Up To (The story of why I only have one elbow now) from
Pretend This is a Picture Book (My most popular post ever. It's about Sea Otters.) from

The Firearm (A fake newspaper I published with Andrew Berthrong during our last year of college. Many compared it to the Onion, but I considered us more inspired by the old Vice and the New Yorker's Goings On About Town section. Last year I discovered a friend was hosting all our issues on his personal website, so I provide the link here.)