Memorial Day Weekend is for Rooftops

Friday night Sabrina had a bunch of people over to her mom's apartment on the east side for home made lasagna. It felt so good to eat a huge plate of lasagna at the end of the workweek. Lasagna is something I haven't had a lot of while in New York. It demands time, care, and kitchen space--scarce things around here sometimes. After we ate our lasagna we went up to the roof for dessert. Everyone flipped over the view and the sunset.

(Blog housekeeping item of note: beginning with this post, I figured out how to get my photo captions on top of the pictures, which is the way I like it because you can read the description as you see the picture, not after it. Posts before this have captions beneath the picture, but those days are behind us.)

Sabrina, our host.

Saturday I had lunch at Ssam Bar, watched Frozen at Andy's, checked out the line for free cones at Morgenstern's, and saw this Mexico City movie called Gueros with Broek. But I've only got two pictures to show for it.

These are the "Breakfast Rice Cakes" with tomato, Chinese sausage, and fried egg.

On Sunday the Jason formerly known as Elder Hinds showed up at church, I hadn't seen him since he was a missionary her in the city in 2006. I could not believe it had been that long, he could have told me he served here in 2010 and I would have believed him.