And I Think It Was All Because I Cleaned My Room

Looking back at it, I had a real nice weekend last weekend. Saturday morning I woke up and just started cleaning and organizing my room and just got so much accomplished (Meaning: Now there is just one pile in one corner of things to throw out instead of things to throw out all over the room) that it left me feeling so satisfied and happy and ready to just have some fun with the weekend. So I left the house and caught the train downtown.

And then wound up on the Governor's Island Ferry because I had heard people were going to be on Governor's Island.

And it turns out there were! I found Veronica on a hammock...

And Melissa and Bryndee at the food trucks, and then Aubrey and Mary over at the picnic tables.

THEN that night I ventured up to deepest Upper East Side for Whitney and Hannah's birthday party.

It was a Lip Synch Battle birthday party, masterminded by Chelsea, the party masterminder.

There were lots of good people on that roof, like Natalie

And then it the Lip Synch Battle portion of the night. Did I perform? Listen Lip Synching is a lot like karaoke so No. But I was a good audience member and had a lot of fun. 

Then Sunday morning Sam was in town so a bunch of Sam-admirers celebrated her visit with Mission Cantina breakfast. Burgers for breakfast? Hey, it's 12pm somewhere!

And then I went to church and had a good time there, too! It was a good, solid weekend. That's what I'm trying to tell you.