Ignite 2015: The Play At Home Version

Monday night I spoke at my church's annual Ignite event (while held at a church this is not a very churchy event--just clearing that up before you get to the slideshow). Ignite is like short Ted talks where you give a five minute presentation along with a twenty slide slide show where the slides change automatically every fifteen seconds, so you've always got to be moving (verbally). I was told I could speak on whatever I wanted. Deciding what to speak on was not easy. While on a flight last week I went through my photo library to see what I had a lot of pictures of and made three slide shows. Eventually, for better or worse, I chose the slide show posted below so you could experience it yourself. 

The first things you're going to want to do is turn up your volume and then click "play" (the arrow, duh) on "Untitled" here to hear the audio:

And then sort of count to 15 while looking at each picture before clicking to the next one:

Isn't it just like you were there?! 

(Perhaps it requires explaining: I started the presentation with a fake "title page" slide to make people think my presentation was going to be boring and serious. And I almost forgot to record myself speaking, so you miss my introduction and chatter as I was adjusting the microphone height)

Additional Director's Commentary: I made the slide show on a Wednesday and submitted it on a Thursday and by Monday (the day of the presentation) I realized I better figure out what I was going to say and write my talk. So I wrote it all out word for word while I was at work and then didn't read any of it at Ignite. I guess I was just loaded everything into my RAM and then grabbed at it wildly when I was at the microphone.