Oh Man, What a Nice Weekend!

I had the whole weekend off and even got out early on Friday so I really tried to make the most of it and I don't think I did a bad job.

Friday evening I met up with Kim and Alexia and Levi at El Cortez in Bushwick, a Tex-Mex Tiki Bar. The food was good (check out my chimichanga below) and the decor was epic--check out this Eater post full of pictures of the interior, you will dig it and want to visit. As you probably know, I don't drink, but if I drank, I think I'd love drinking at El Cortez. What higher praise could I give?!

Saturday. Big Day. Started with a neighborhood and Soho stroll on my way to breakfast lunch.

Have you seen one of these? They are EVERYWHERE now.

So, yeah. Very nice weekend. Now I'm home a little early on a Sunday night, reading books and writing blog posts and feeling ready to do the law more tomorrow. Here I come, law! Rested and ready!