A Week Full of Friends

This past week I had some opportunities to socialize, so do you know what I did? I socialized!

Tuesday night there was a farewell gathering in the park for Nicole. Of course I didn't get a picture of Nicole, but look! Here's a picture of me!

I can't exactly remember if Ned said he wanted this picture on the internet or not. He probably said he did.

Then the next night Tara organized a trip out to Fu Ran in Flushing for a friendly Chinese feast. I didn't take pictures of any of the food! I was too busy eating. We had amazing cumin lamb ribs and a whole fish in spicy bean sauce that had the flavoring of tacos al pastor...wonder what was going on there, scientifically...and a lot of other great stuff. We even got to eat in the party room.

Then Saturday night was Ty and Emily's 20's-themed engagement party. Like a genius I didn't get any pictures of the couple, but you can see what they look at a Chinese restaurant in the above photo. And here's Emily right here.

Ok, well. there you have it. Let's hear it for friends!