Mom and Dad Came to New York

I returned from Utah very very early Wednesday the week before Thanksgiving and rushed home to rest a bit because Mom and Dad were about to fly in from Chicago because Dad had meetings and that's a good reason to take a New York trip.

When Mom and Dad arrived I took them up to the roof and then I took them to see the neighborhood chickens and then we had a nice little lunch at Don Paco's (where they have a great customer-respecting policy) that was maybe a little too big.

Then we dipped straight down to the Met to see what they had going on there. You know what? The Met is really a pretty good museum.

For dinner that night we ate at Cosme, which I hadn't been back to since eating at it on its opening night two years ago. Cosme is the first restaurant in the United States from Enrique Olvera, one of Mexico's very best chefs. Is it fancy Mexican food? Maybe more like a Mexican's fancy food? Whichever way you want to look at it, it is very, very good. Dinner made me wish I hadn't taken two years to come back.

Hmmm. Looks like I didn't take any pictures Thursday day? But for dinner we went to Balthazaar followed by the Eagle Huntress at the Sunshine Theater.

Mom wanted to have an outside the city adventure Friday while Dad was at his conference so I took her up to the Dia Beacon museum. I caught the train at 125th Street and met mom on board. I had never been to the 125th street station, it's surprisingly nice in there.

Beacon made us feel very welcome

And now, the museum!

I hadn't been to the Dia Beacon in eight years! (Back then you couldn't take pictures inside) I was glad to see they had some new stuff as well as lots of the good old old stuff. 

After the museum we explored downtown Beacon and had a nice little lunch before catching the train back into the city.

Hope your Chinese pronunciation is good.

We had an early dinner at Uncle Boon's. Man, what an A++ place. I'm glad it found a place on Mom's "Need to return to" list last year. We ate more than the crab fried rice and the banana blossom salad, but those are what I got good pictures of. It's dark in there!

After dinner we went and saw Fiddler On the Roof. It was really pretty good. The dancing was good. Dad had bought us discount tickets that afternoon and it turned out they were for the exact center of the second row. Holy cow. I'd never sat in such good seats at such a good show before. I was worried the actors were going to fall on top of me.

Saturday we had breakfast at the Breslin

Then, while Dad conferenced, Mom and I walked over to the High Line, then walked the High Line, then walked down to the WTC PATH station. It was a lot of walking. I sort of didn't think about how far it would be from 14th street to downtown.

At the PATH station we met up with Jeff and headed out to the Jersey Loews to watch Captain Blood. It was great to get to take my folks to my favorite place in New York City and the movie was fun and good.

After we got back to the city we walked down to the Sea Glass Carousel but it was CLOSED.

Then it was time for a late dinner at Superiority Burger (everyone loves Superiority Burger because it's the BEST!) and Fuku (where I tried their new sweet and spicy sandwich. It was sweet and spicy.)

For Sunday we had lunch at the Dutch, which I had never been to before in spite of hearing such good things about it from so many people. And yes, it was great. And very big, I didn't realize there were so many rooms to it. I had their hot fried chicken with biscuits. Man those biscuits were buttery.

Up at church they had a Pie Fest, but we had to get to dinner at Parm.

No pictures from dinner, but here's Mom and Dad telling me goodbye as we wait on seperate subway platforms.

Monday morning, with the departure clock ticking, we dash down to Dominique Ansel for some DKAs and hot chocolates.

Here's Mom and Dad's hotel lobby.

And here I am on the platform seeing them off on their train to the airport. It was good having Mom and Dad in town, we had a good fun time.