Checked on Chicago

So, yeah, as the post about the Pitchfork festival would suggest, I was in Chicago the other weekend to see what was up. On Friday I went to a Cubs game, my first in six years. Last time I saw them they lost to the Angels like 15-0 (not an exaggeration, just having trouble remembering the exact score) but this time they beat the Rangers 6-0, including a 5 run inning.

Always dissing Green Bay, even at baseball games. That's how much we hate you!

Headed to Oak Park on an Oak Park-bound train with a Visit Oak Park ad

Don't worry, I had Johnnie's

On Sunday I checked out Emily's church, which is held in a school in the city. As you can see, it is in a very rough neighborhood.

In my absence, Mom had been researching new places to eat. A stressful morning at the movies (don't get us started!) was made right by a lunch at Jarabe in Pilsen. HOLY SMOKES. This place was great. All the reviews talked up their breakfast tacos and other Mexican breakfast foods and I'm here to cosign on that. My taco al pastor there on the left was no big deal, but the steak and egg taco on the right was awesome. Chilaquiles, also awesome--topped with lots of nice little charred pieces of chicken. Mom ordered a mulita and, I mean, just looked at that perfectly fried egg? In short: Jarabe is a world class operation disguised as an unassuming neighborhood taco spot. Go. Go go go.

This is how you dress for the bus

My restaurant research contribution was a reservation at the Publican.

For my last day in town Mom suggested that Emily and I come along with her to the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen. Made a cat-friend first.

Then we met Dad downtown for a little free after-work chamber music concert in a church (it was not in this chapel. This chapel is too small).

And then it was BACK to Pilsen once again for dinner at 5 Rabanitos, another Mexican place Mom had researched-up for us. The chef is a former Rick Bayless chef, so it was neighborhood Mexican on a chef level. Plus Alinea-looking custom plate holding the guacamole.

So, in summary: Baseball, beef, rock n roll, and three trips to Pilsen in two days. That's what going home is all about!