Like I said in the last post, it seemed like time to get back to New York because it sounded like a lot of people would be in town. And I had tickets to do a few things.

First up, on Saturday Jeff and Caitlin were in town and were kind enough to meet up with my at Made Nice, my favorite 0 star restaurant.

And that night I had tickets to go see Interpol with Broek on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the release of their first album, Turn on the Bright Lights. The thing about the show was they were going to be playing Turn on the Bright Lights in its entirety. And another thing about the show is, honestly, I like Interpol a whole lot and Turn on the Bright Lights is an album I would listen to all the way through, when it was brand new, when driving late at night. It's the perfect late night driving record! I saw Interpol twice my first year in the city and hadn't seen them since. I'm glad we checked in with each other.

The show was at the Forest Hills Stadium, a tennis stadium where they held the US Open until the late 70's and also the site, as you'll see below, of Richie Tennenbaum's worst game of tennis. Also: Forest Hills is some kind of Disneyland Fantasyland wonderland, who knew?

Here's just some plants

Tuesday night last week I, among many, had tickets to see the Empire Strikes Back accompanied by the New York Symphony. A gimmick, but fun. Nice to be with a big full audience of people clapping and cheering along to all the big moments and lines.


Later that week Brittany was in town from Utah and we grabbed big American hamburgers and then tiny French hamburgers.

THEN Cory had been in town all week but we were finally able to grab dinner the night before he left. First he showed me the big Adobe cube as it was being taken down (I guess it's not a cube but whatever) and then I took him to Tacos No 1 to try out their cheese shell tacos. I received notice a few days later that he was at work cracking the recipe in Highland, just as he did Oiji's honey butter potato chips.  

Then, while she's not a visitor, the next day I took advantage of the opportunity to grab dinner with Patricia at Jajaja, a new vegan Mexican restaurant near Andy's house that is clearly poised to take over the city. Prominent location, great space, good food, everyone else give up! We had sikil pak, carrot tinga tostadas, chile en nogada, and a chorizo burrito (not real chorizo, obviously). And Patricia had a coconut horchata with a rose straw.

Here's some walking around pictures, look how popular that dog is!

Saturday Tara was in town from Salt Lake and, well, we got Tacos No 1. I took a break from the queso shell taco and had a meat-stuffed deep-fried quesadilla for the first time in a while.


And then Sunday Mary was in town, who I hadn't seen for, uh, 5 years? We grabbed Underwest Donuts by the river and then, err, wound up at Tacos No 1? So, yes, 6 visitors in just over 7 days and 3 trips to Tacos No 1. What can I say? Their Midtown location is convenient!

We also ran into a Pulaski Day celebration...I guess New York celebrates Casimir's death date, not birth? Anyway. See also this Polish family and then me saying Polish families are #1. I just like being on my own blog, that's all.