Andrew Visit 2017 #1

See I'm titling this post "Andrew Visit 2017 #1" out of hope that there will be more. A big remodeling job had Andrew headed to the East Coast, so he slid into town a little early to New York it up for a weekend. Friday night we walked a bit of the Highline, enjoyed the cheese shell tacos at Tacos No. 1, and took in a bit of the Biennial at the Whitney.

That Sunday was to be the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and every year the day before the parade my neighborhood hosts a gigantic street fair. It is an event well worth going out to see and photograph. (Here's my photos from last year)

That afternoon we had a reservation to eat at Cosme with Kim. It's one of the most exceptional restaurants in the city and we completely overdid it there that lunch. But overdoing was the right amount of doing, for sure.

Here are the innocent looking mushroom quesadilla, egg sope, and duck enmoladas. But do not be fooled with their simple looks, each dish packed a spectacular punch. Nearly pushed the enchiladas aside to just go at that mole like it was a soup.

The main event of the meal was the shared lamb barbacoa. It was a ton of food, I really didn't think we'd eat it all, but we dug deep and we did. Second photo is of some of the barbacoa accesories, and then a lil lamb barbacoa taco I made. First photo is of the barbacoa hiding under herbs and greens and peppers and leaves.

Done in and done for, we ordered the Husk Meringue and Churros for dessert. It had to be done and it was the right thing to do.

(Saturday night I snuck away for Natalie's engagement party. No photos of people here, but a bit from the roof in Queens where we partied)

Sunday evening we got our trip's Momofuku fix at Ma Peche in midtown. It was Andrew's first time there, it treated him well. Just ask him about the beets. Broccoli and rice cakes weren't bad, but my photo of the fried chicken didn't turn out so well.

Monday we wrapped things up at the 8th Street extension of the Burger Joint. And then Andrew went and fixed up a kitchen real nice in Scarsdale.