A Chicago Weekend

A couple weekends ago I ran home to Chicago for a meet up of friends for a meal “at” Alinea (that’s getting its own post). Here’s all the stuff from the trip that wasn’t Alinea.

I got in late Friday night, but not too late for some Johnnie’s

Saturday morning I walked down to the Oak Park Farmer’s Market with Emily via the High School campus.

Then I went down to the West Loop to meet up with Heather at the new McDonalds headquarters where they have a special McDonalds that serves a rotating menu of McDonalds food from around the world. We had a cheeseburger from the Netherlands, poutine from Canada, and a Chilean McFlurry. It was a very, very nice McDonalds and a magnificent experience.

Then we drove downtown and walked down to the hotel where everyone else was staying before heading over to the Art Institute.

Next: a little Bean time!

And to end: More Michigan Avenue walking, a pizza (not pictured) and the Maggie Daley Park.

Next Up: A meal beyond meals!