The Great Send-Off

2018 off to an unexpected start with the kind of unexpected, kind of premature passing of Grandma Barnes. This post is an accounting of the weekend, not a tribute to Grandma. I had the tremendous privilege of speaking at her funeral and, should I ever type up what I said, that's the tribute. This is just the account.

It's hard for it to be a sad weekend when we begin with a Friday night family party catered by Cafe Rio, along with family photos and a sorting through of Grandma's jewelry (I eventually inherit myself a cat pin).

After the party at Teresa's a small group of us went to visit Grandma at the funeral home. It helped take the edge off of seeing her at the viewing the next morning. The viewing and funeral and burial were such jam-packed family reunion affairs, the viewing in particular. The room was so crowded with so many people seeing each other for the first time in a long time that I felt a little bad for Grandma over in the corner by her self.

Lots of photos and albums we hadn't seen for a while out on display. (Note certain grandson on display in prominent #1 Grandson location).

The funeral was very sweet and good and I wish I had made more eye contact with the congregants while I spoke. I can't remember what I was looking at, it wasn't my notes, because I nearly didn't use them. And it definitely wasn't the clock, because I'd hate to know how far over my allotted 7 minutes I went. 

After the funeral: Many photos of many different groupings of relations and lunch from the Bombay House. Grandma was a big Bombay House fan and the Bombay House was a big fan of her's. But let us not pretend that it was her absolute favorite restaurant. That was probably Cancun Cafe.

Is Mom...throwing up a gang sign?

After lunch: a drive up to Downey, a lengthy visit to the Flags West truck stop, and a burial in Cambridge.

The After Party: a little visit to the farm (Uncle Greg got stuck in the mud, Becky pet a dog, a few of us talked with a Chemtrails truther) plus time at the farmhouse (no pics, too much party) and dinner at Freddies.