Two Walks, Two Neighborhoods

Over the last month-ish I cooked up a plan to move into our friend Ned's apartment while he goes on an around the world sabbatical. This means I'd be moving out of my place in the East Village. My lease was up and the timing was perfect. Two Sundays ago I woke up a little early, realized it was my last free morning in the neighborhood, and took a walk to Marcus Garvey park in the rain. 

I moved into Ned's last Wednesday. He still has a bit of time before his trip begins, so we're roommates for now. Friday morning we got up early and he took me on a walk through Inwood Hill Park in the rain to learn about my neighborhood. He told me stories about the people that live in the rocks and the murders that have happened in the park but also about the rock (seen below) that marks the spot where Manhattan was purchased from the Indians and getting birds to land on your hands and things like that.

So far everything is so far so good in Inwood. I'm living right on top of the A train so it's pretty easy and quick to get to midtown—the inverse is also true, so come up sometime.