May. But also April and June.

At the very end of April it was my birthday. I celebrated at El Cantinero in the Village where it's all you can eat on Monday nights (AND my birthday was on a Monday night). We had fun and I didn't bother people by taking their photos. Heather made me an incredible Paddington Bear cake and the waiters put sombreros on all of us before we could even tell what was happening. What a fiesta!

On a nice May Saturday I walked through the neighborhood, took a train, and then walked through Central Park where a dog was getting a lot of attention, but not nearly as much attention as this raccoon.

Now what I was really up to was getting myself over to the Met Breuer to check out the Like Life, an exhibit about lifelike sculptures. It was real good. Met Breuer seems to always have real good exhibits. 

One Sunday I had the Lymans over, fed them pasta, and walked them around Inwood Hill Park.

The next week I had a gigantic Saturday that began with lunch at Olmsted where we ate, among other things, bacon and egg roll eggrolls, a salad, and brunch burger. Also had scrambled egg with duck and maple pitas but that picture didn't turn out very well.

Then I headed out to Journal Square to see Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Back to the Future at the Jersey Loews. Jeff and I got there early enough to have some time to walk around and have a look at the neighborhood, something we'd never done before in all our Journal Square years.

Here's a variety of walking around photos from midtown and downtown

There's a taqueria up in Inwood called Emilio's that I've taken to. One Saturday I went there with Lynda and then a few nights later I went there with my second cousin (or something like that) Jaclyn and my second cousin (or something like that) in law Tyson.

I've also eaten at Pasta Flyer now, too. I don't think it's going to work out for them.

Another Saturday (wow, how many Saturdays are there?) I went with Leanna and Jenny to Cherche Midi because it's about to close. Everything closes. After that, a little East Village/West Village walkaround followed by a visit to the vacant lot behind the 15th street chapel as a part of Tara's cookie party.

Let's see...more midtown walkaround and Korean fried chicken

There was a Sunday night where I "cooked" "barbacoa"


Then, finally, one Monday night, just last week, I went with Patricia to hear Ian Svenonius interview Brooks Hedley about Superiority Burger and the Superiority Burger cookbook.


Get yourself a chef who remembers his customers