Brothers Weekend 2019

Why finish posting about everything that happened in August when I could jump ahead to the major event of September? Brothers Weekend 2019!

The weekend got off to a late start Thursday night (Friday morning) with Cory arriving at 1:30am and Owen at 2:30am. Flights were a problem but they made it!

September 13: We eased into Friday’s activities and started the day with lunch at Superiority Burger (Owen’s choice! But Cory had Otto’s), a trip to Supreme and Stadium Goods, and a general downtown walk around.

Then we met up with Greg at Ground Zero for a little Financial District time.

And then we headed out to Brooklyn for the main event: Dinner at Peter Luger’s! I hadn’t had dinner there for 10 years, nice to check in and see that the steak is still, wow, pretty great!

Then we walked back to Manhattan across the Williamsburg Bridge, got take out honey butter chips + ice cream from Oiji, saw the Peanut Butter Falcon (my third time and the shine is still on it) and came home for a little video game time.

September 14th: Started the day with a little Cloisters time.

And then we headed downtown for that very necessary Cosme lunch. Brunch? Whichever.

After that we headed for the High Line and Hudson Yards but first a little stop to have a look at the Peloton Studio and a donut or two at the Donut Plant.

At Hudson Yards we put in some time at the Little Spain market for Owen to share his expertise.

And then deep underground we went to get ourselves over to Tacos No 1.

Then over to the Library and Grand Central we went for a minute. Oh! looks like I don’ have any Grand Central photos. But you know what it looks like over there, right?

Then Cory, Owen and I went to the Dodgers/Mets game. Great seats, medium-good game.

September 15: Owen did my the great honor of wearing the Wheaton tie I got him a number of years ago for Christmas to church. After Church I met up with Owen and Cory after their Frick Museum time and we visited Jeffrey Epstein’s house around the corner. It is really big. Really, really big. Then we walked across the park and got Cory onto his train to his plane back to Utah. Thanks for coming, Cory!

Then Owen and I went to get crispy cheese smashburgers at the Usual before meeting up with Greg at Morgenstern’s before a little NYU/Village time.

September 16th: Started the day with breakfast at Daily Provisions before dropping Greg off for school.

Then Owen and I ran up to the Met for a quick couple hours of art before zipping down to Chinatown because if Owen wants spicy Chinese, Owen gets spicy Chinese! Oh and also a slice from Prince Street Pizza.

And then it was time to drop Owen off his his train to his plane back to Idaho. What a great celebration of brotherhood we all had!