In April I needed to dash out to Las Vegas, and since I’d be out west, I figured I’d add some Utah time to the trip, too.

I went out to Las Vegas for my friend Alisha’s funeral. I don’t feel it my place to be posting pictures from that here on this page, but this is a picture of some of the magnificent barbecue served at the lunch after. And after the lunch? Marilyn taught Jeff and me how to play Beat Saber. And introduced us to a very acceptable all you can eat Sushi deal.

Sunday: some church, some driving around, dinner, and a long stroll along the Strip.

Monday: time passed at the Las Vegas airport, barbecue that was not as good as at the funeral, car rented from Fox Rentals in SLC (don’t believe the 0 star Yelp reviews, I found them to be not so bad and a bargain), little late dinner at Rancherito’s.

Tuesday: Finally tried the Italian beef at Cubby’s and WOW, it is BAD. Doughy bread melted into the paper. And ok, seems I just took a bunch of photos of Walker & Ellie and the pets around the house that day and the next. Rogue the Cat and I, we have a complicated relationship.

Wednesday: big trip to Rose Park to eat at the Jaripeo truck with special guest appearance by Ned!

Thursday: Big Thing Happens! I travel out to West Valley to eat at the quite good and fun Curry Pizza and to be reunited with Niall and Mitch, who I had not seen in ten years! And also to meet Margaret, who I had only sort of kind of seen ten years ago, in a sense. Margaret took a couple of these pictures, can you guess which ones?

And then a visit to Temple Square, a look at my friend Braden’s print at the art museum, and a visit to the temple before they close it down to fix it up.

Thursday: Park Pizza Lunch with Kristen and boys and their moms. No one in Highland ever just goes to school all day!

That afternoon: a track meet


That evening: Family dinner at Seven Brothers. Car ride and standing in line with Ellie. She asked me “Guess a place that you think I’ve been to but I haven’t been to” and that was a good game.

And then Saturday, back to NYC via Houston where once I missed a flight and tried to kill 10 hours at the seafood buffet. But this time I just ate at Whattaburger for the first time and absolutely loved it.