Late April through May, 2019

Here is some stuff I did after I got back from my Las Vegas/Utah trip. I tried to focus on pictures with people in them here, not as many meals or pictures of out and about stuff. Also, check out this new Journal-style format I’m trying out this time.

April 21st:
I got back from Utah just in time to celebrate Easter at Angelique’s and to witness another epic Easter Basket swap competition.

April 27th: Went down to midtown to help the Holts’ with their move and to admire their apartment’s decent views one last time.

Later on that day, we celebrated Angelique’s birthday with a private tour of the Morgan Library and their Tolkein exhibit (no photos allowed in there, though). Afters we went back to her apartment for a Hobbit Hole cake.

April 30th: On my birthday I ate a plate of nachos, started the before-mentioned Ulysses re-read, and got a phone call from my sister Emily.


May 2nd: Jeff was in town and bought Jeff and me milkshakes.

May 3rd: Jumped on an up-for-grabs ticket to see Dialogues of the Carmelites at the Met.

May 5th: Threw a Domingo de Mayo American taco party.

May 14: Saw Hailey Blais play the Mercury Lounge.


May 16: Walked across the river and checked out the Hall of Fame for Great Americans.

May 17: Checked out the lates very ho-hum edition of the Whitney Biennial opening weekend. The museum was getting protested so that was a little exciting.

May 20th: Karen was in town! Maybe you saw the new profile picture she took of me on my socials?


Then that evening I hosted an FHE at my apartment.


May 22nd: Indian Chinese food in Queens with Kim and Leanna

May 25th: A visit to Goatham in Riverside Park and a trip out to Brooklyn for Victoria & Logan’s engagement party

May 26th: First Sunday park picnic of the year and a surprise NY appearance by Sara (Lexia’s sister, if you remember Lexia but never met Sara) celebrated with my first startled pig attempt.

May 27th: Lucky me! The Inwood Memorial Day parade went right by my house! And BIG lucky me, Angelique and Heather joined me for a drive to Sheepshead Bay to check out its two star roast beef establishments: Brennan and Carr and Roll n Roaster!

May 29th: Big Finale! Ryan turns up back in town for a minute at Hanks Juicy Beef with Jeff!