Oh Yeah, Utah

I was just starting an important New York post when I remembered that from Chicago I went straight to Utah for Walker’s baptism and general family togetherness. So I present to you that post…

Things kicked off with Rachel’s soccer game. I got too cold so I walked to an Arctic Circle I had seen on my way there. And then, just before ordering a corndog, I realized I hadn’t brought my wallet. Oh well. At least I was warm.

The next day: Down to Provo for a visit to the BYU Museum of Art and Bean Museum of Dead Animals. At the MoA I ran into my old buddy Jon! And at the Bean Museum I learned about the theory of evolution! I also had fish tacos at Rubio’s while everyone else ate salads.

Just a tiny glimpse of the work involved in getting 30lbs of carnitas ready for the party the next day. And then Look! it’s the party the next day. Guess I didn’t take any pictures at the baptism. Just imagine me trying to give a good talk.

Sunday: Lazy Sunday, a little church, and then off to the airport with me!

Chicago Trip

Home to Chicago for a few days in March and I’m the only kid there! Very rare to have Mom and Dad to myself in Oak Park, we tried to make the most of it.

Upon arrival, Dad picked me up from Midway and we grabbed lunch at two excellent taqueiras: Los Barrelitos (for tacos al pastor) and La Chaparrita (for tripas crujientes).

For dinner we had Chicago’s #2 burger at the Loyalist…too dark for a good photo, but it was a great burger. And then I showed Mom & Dad my favorite Chicago restaurant that I’ve only eaten at once, the Global McDonalds.

The next day Mom and I rode downtown to meet Dad at Topolobampo for lunch…read about that soon on my food instagram, @steadilyeating.

Then we walked over to Dad’s office…

Then Mom and Dad dropped me off at the Art Institute where I discovered it was a lot bigger than I remembered.

Then I walked over to the nearby Chicago Cultural Center, which I had never been to before. I found it to be extremely good.

Train ride home to Chicken Curry Casserole!

The next morning I went and had a wonderful, wonderful lunch at Carnitas El Orinoco. Wow! Consider this place a must visit! Pure pig heaven.

And that night: Our return to Parachute. First visit a few years ago was an A++, this one was a B+. Yo I know menus need to change but why would you take something like a real nice little steak off the menu? You know people are going to want some meat with their meaty rice cakes. (But also the meaty rice cakes were nice).

Ok, coming up: Utah, New York, Las Vegas, Utah, New York!