When I Was in Town During February and March

Well, this blog is falling into a pattern: Either I’m posting about being at home, in California, or in Utah, or I’m posting what I did between one of those trips. This post is a betweener.

I got back from California in time to celebrate cake being leftover from Tara’s birthday party.


AMC A-List has got me seeing lots of movies.


One night John Tarbet had a recital at Columbia. I hadn’t heard him perform in, oh, 11 years?

This one afternoon I walked by the new Hudson Yards buildings to go hear Jason speak about building the Hudson Yards buildings.

Took advantage of the opportunity to have a little Chelsea Gallery lookaround

Here’s some miscellaneous miscellaneous February pics:

One last thing to show you before I fly off to Chicago: Neighbor Ned got a niiiice new Sony Camera so we went around shooting up Farmers Market and Inwood Hill one Saturday morning.

On the docket for upcoming posts: Chicago, Utah, New York, Las Vegas, Utah, New York!