New York City Line Report

New York loves lines, and last week I was lucky enough to wait in three of its hottest and most exclusive lines. BEHOLD: Some line recommendations:

Morgenstern's - Beloved barely-a-year-old ice creamery Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream caused a tremendous stir by introducing a line of ice creams and concoctions to celebrate Kanye West's birthday all week last week. Curious about Red October sorbets, ice cream croissants, and Kim K Thirst Trap Sundaes, Karrie and I joined many of fellow kitten in line on Rivington last Wednesday night. While we waited Claire happened to pass by. And then Evan. And they invited Alpha over. About 30 minutes into line-standing, they all went and had ice cream somewhere else. But Karrie and I stuck with it, and about 15 minutes later we finally arrived at the counter.