Barnes Family Field Trip

On my last day in Chicago no one really knew what to do so we all went to the Field Museum. 

There was finally snow on the ground and I rode in the Dad/Brigham/Blake/Ellie/Rachel car.

Honestly there's no way I could even guess when the last time I went to the Field Museum was. The thing to see there now is their big exhibit on ancient Greece. Then after that it's just Indians, animals and dinosaurs, you know? No need to go crazy with the captions here.

That night I flew home. My flight was delayed a ton, but at least I wasn't stuck in O'Hare on one of these cots in the hall. Arriving at Newark I learned some tough lessons about getting home from Jersey in the middle of the night...but also learned that EWR to Hester Street is just a 20 minute drive when the freeways are empty.