2015 is Done, 2016 has Begun

New Year's Eve. I wasn't exactly sure what to do, so I texted Andrea to see if she knew about anything and we were back and forth about some stuff and then we both started joking about going to Times Square but we weren't sure if the other person was joking about Times Square so basically we got into a game of Chicken over going to Times Square and next thing you know, yep, we went to Times Square for New Years.

But I started off in Rockefeller Center. I was worried I wouldn't hear "All I Want for Christmas Is You" while I was there. Ha! A foolish worry. I heard it at least three times.

In case you ever do Times Square, this is what I learned: We got there at basically 3:30 and stood at Broadway and 49th. This is too far away to hear any of the performers or get any confetti on you. If you want one of those spots, you probably need to be there by noon. You cannot leave to use the bathroom and come back, so make sure you're not going to need a bathroom. Pizza guys kept coming around to sell pizzas and somehow a group by us got a bucket of KFC. They fill corrals full of people up then close them off, it's good crowd control. It was crowded in there but not tight. You do not feel like you're going to die. If you're going to go, go with someone you know you can talk with for 8 hours but also someone you might be able to hold a 2 hr. Silent Game competition with. Also, bring a book if you think you can read with so much going on around you. OR be like the people next to us and form a summer camp for the evening, playing games and singing songs and building bonds.

The worst line and worst crowd of the evening was just to get over to Broadway, after that things opened up

First restaurant meal of 2016? The new Fu-Kette (pronounced like that Thai city) off-menu sandwich at Fuku—fried chicken plus a smoky, peanutty slaw and some cilantro sprigs. Very good. Nice switch up from a "plain" Fuku sandwich, not that I'm not craving those on the regular. 

Restaurant meal #3—Mission Cantina with Lucas and Brette.

Not only has the menu been infiltrated by Chinese/Mex (see the General Tso taco on the left)...

But they also serve full-on Chinese-American food now. Check out the roll of this egg roll


This nice bowl of hot and sour soup. 

Kung Pao Chicken, crab rangoon, and chicken finger fried rice

Miscellaneous Lower East Side photos

Look at this nice Wendy's

Burger King taking shots at the Wendy's 4 for $4 menu

Restaurant No. Who Evens knows--up to East Harlem to investigate something: Rumor was our beloved Casa de los Tacos/La Cabaña had moved to 120th street. Research confirmed that it had. Nice new little place. Tostadas still nice, chips complientary, tortas a little smaller. Huge mistake of mine: didn't try any tacos. Don't worry! Will be back.

Such a subtle point at the watch to drive the point home

Speaking of "home", I was apartment hunting that day. Wound up taking the third one I saw. That wasn't so hard. So I'm moving up to East Harlem real soon. To be close to all my tacos.

Then another Saturday, celebrating Kristin's birthday with the roast duck feast at the Ssam Bar. It had been a few years since I last had it.

Also: Ham, biscuits, kimchi apple salad, roast potatoes, friends.

And then that night: a visit to Ice and Vice with a renowned ice cream expert/enthusiast

Ok, visit again soon for, I don't know, pictures of the snow and my move to East Harlem or something.