LA: Beachy Afternoon

Maybe you read that last post and thought "Boy, Brigham, it's neat that you went out to California and saw so many dear friends." Well, what if I told you that not only were all THOSE people in California when I was there, but Andrew, too? Because he was! And I managed to catch him down in Newport Beach Sunday afternoon before he drove back up to Utah. First we ate tacos at Bear Flag then we drank milkshakes in Huntington Beach.

Then, just in time to catch Andrew before he hit the road, Keith and Leslie and the boys showed up at the beach house, too (it wasn't a surprise, though, I had made them come down).

By night fall, Collin and Carol had arrived. I put my rarely used 50mmf/1.1 lens on my camera and we walked up the beach to the pier. Collin and I took a little side trip to TK Burger, and then we reconvened for additional pierside hanging-outs.

At 12:30 Becky and Greg showed up. And in the next post I will tell you why.