LA: The First 29 Hours

Grumpy Disclaimer First: I'd written a real lovely original version of this point that got deleted by Squarespace. So here's a second effort. I will bring as much of my original passion for the subject matter as possible.

So nearly three weeks ago I ran off to LA for a long weekend. Collin picked me up and we ate at the Alibi Room, El Super Taco, and Twohey's with Mallory. And Keith came to Super Taco. I'm starting with pictures from Twohey's, our last stop of the night, so I can begin this account with a picture of humans instead of a quesadilla.

Collin and Mallory slept over at Grandma's and got to see Aunt Louise and Uncle Bob before heading home. I hung out with Grandma that day which meant I got to go to my second cousin once removed's baptism. Greg and Becky came, too. There was a good after party after the baptism and on the way home I went poncho shopping at Target because rain was on the forecast for Monday and we had BIG PLANS for Monday that we couldn't let rain mess with.

UPDATE: Squarespace crashed again while I was working on this post, deleting what would be the second half of this post. So now I'm writing it for the third time. Sheesh. Am I being forced back to Blogger? It seems like it.

That evening I met up with Collin, Mallory, AND CAROL for dinner at Night + Market Song. I paparazzi'd them when I noticed them crossing the street.

Now I don't feel I've got any right to tell you what LA restaurants are hip and happening, but if I did, I'd tell you Night + Market Song was. It's one of those fine places where, if you move past just ordering pad thai and massaman curry (which, you know, are still dope) all the time, you find Thai food full of punchy, funky flavors that are where the party's at.

Not only is Night + Market Song delicious, but it's also good looking, in its own way.

After dinner we stood outside for a while trying to decide what to do next. The eventual decision: to go hang out at Collin and Mallory's and wind up getting ice cream, too.