LA: Wrapping up this Wrap Up

Tuesday. I had a flight back to New York at 5, so actually that means I had a lot of LA time. Not enough, of course. But some.

Started off by meeting up with Chateau, Jane and Carol for breakfast at Sqirl, another hot Los Angeles restaurant I have no place calling hot. It's a breakfast place that also serves lunch. Lots of things that seem healthy, lots of grain words and fruit words on that menu.

I was back to Grandma's in time for lunch. We sat with Becky and Greg, talking about where to get that lunch and they sold me on a place called Lupita's that sounded good. When we got there I was like "Ohhh...Lupita's, I've been here." It's a good place! And for now on I won't forget what its name is.

Then Becky drove off in the Jeep to ace a job interview and Greg drove me down to the airport with Grandma.

At the airport I did that thing where you're really early for your flight but then you almost miss your flight because they change your gate while you're just patiently waiting for you flight and you don't know, because you got there before they changed the gate.

But no biggie, I got on that plane and flew on back to New York. On the flight I was able to take care of business I hadn't been able to attend to during my California time.