A Mighty Mighty Weekend Trip

Mom and Dad were in Boston the first weekend in April because Dad had a conference up there and they were like "Hey come meet up with us" and I was like "Oh, I don't know, it's such a long bus ride and didn't we just do this only four and a half years ago?" But then I realized "Hey, no one else is asking me to visit them this weekend, shouldn't I go where I'm wanted?" So Sunday morning I bought some bus tickets online and THEN checked the weather. Cold. Cold and snowy. That's what I was headed for.

I got off the bus at South Station or North Station and then walked through Chinatown and up Washington, met up with Mom and Dad on the street, and headed on over to their hotel, the famed Parker House Hotel.

There we listened to the afternoon session of General Conference on my computer and, once we were done, went to dinner at a nice Italian place with lots of sea food on the menu. Too dark in their for pictures. Just imagine bay scallops and mussels and stuff.

Woke up Monday morning and it was snowy! Mom and I walked through the snow and trained over to the library to see the murals Mom and Dad had enjoyed so much a few days earlier.

After the murals we T'd down to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, which I felt I'd never even heard of but really liked. Isabella was this rich lady who built herself a Venetian Palace to live in in Boston, filled it up with art, and then left it as a museum after she died. There was a famous art robbery there in 1990 that I would like to know more about, too.

Then Mom and I caught a train to lunch with Dad and a place the name of which I cannot remember, but I went hard on the Boston food and had clam chowder and a crab cake BLT.

Then it was back on the T and back to the hotel and then back to the bus station and back to New York with me! It was a good little getaway. I'm glad I let me talk myself into just taking it easy and going up to see Mom and Dad when I could. I hope my actions will inspire my sister Kristen to come up to New York while on one of her monthly trips to Washington DC.