Guys, We Went Camping

This weekend there was a well-organized excursion up to Camp Liahona and, guess what? I went. It's nice to get away and go camping every 7 years, that's what I say. Most of us arrived at dusk and by campfire time it was completely dark. No one really could tell how many people were there or who they were talking with, but still, good camp vibes did abide.

Camp finally quieted down around 2am, just in time for the Dolby surround sound snoring to kick in, so by 5:30 I was like "Well, I guess I'm awake now?" but I held out for 6 before I got out of my tent.

Also, shout out to Ned for lending me ALL his camping equipment after me just asking if he maybe had an extra sleeping bag. I didn't know that most tents were see through now, and so much easier to set up than 27 years ago. Lying in Ned's little see through tent at night, looking up at the stars, listening to everyone talk and talk and just not shut up, I thought "Hmm, maybe I love camping?"

By 8am breakfast was happening. I was worried it would just be granola bars and stuff, but no, it was mountains of eggs and bacon and fruit and pancakes. Me, on camping principle I woulda subbed some Brown n Serve sausages for that bacon, but the bacon was Christmas-morning crispy, so I gave it a pass.

After breakfast it was straight on to fun. Some people hiked, some people swam, some people canoed, some people tossed a ball by the campfire. Me, I had accidentally left my swimsuit behind, so I sort of lingered around the lake like a fully-clothed creep.