I Went Went, Back Back, to Cali Cali pt. 1

I've been between work assignments for a minute and was starting to get bored so I flew out to LA for a week to diversify my loafing.

Landing at LAX, American Airlines was having a throwback colorway moment

Becky picked me up and we decided to lunch at Locol, Roy Choi's new socially responsible fast food concept in Watts.

All ordering done on touch screen terminals, I've got a few notes I'd like to pass on about the UX, if they're taking them.

All in all, pretty pleased with my meal at Locol. I wouldn't say it's destination-worthy, but if you can work it into a detour or ride home from the airport, then do it.

After meal, checking out Watts a little and those famous Watts towers. I'd never seen them before and thought they were a little short until I realized they were handmade by one crazy man over thirty years. Then they seemed to be just the right height.

Then it was home to Grandma's. Imagine photos of me being at Grandma's house for a few hours before this one was taken of Collin. Because Collin and Mallory came over and then Greg and Becky came over and then we went to dinner at Lucky Noodle King in San Gabriel.

Then it was time to return to the most important restaurant in my life, the place where I learned to order for myself and what I liked (fried shrimp sandwich Rest in Peace) and didn't like (all those peas that came as a side with the spaghetti), for a dessert of onion rings and bittersweet hot fudge sundaes

Then Becky and Greg had us over to their apartment for some games (video) and my first night in LA wrapped up at a reasonable hour.