I Went Went, Back Back, to Cali Cali, pt. 3

So, yeah, while I was in LA it was real hot

Monday for lunch Greg and I went to pick up Grandma a burger, but on the way we had two other lunches in Alhambra.

Turning off Santa Anita onto Las Tunas I saw Los Tacos sitting like it always has and asked Greg if he'd ever been and he said no and, so, into the the parking lot we turned.

Then, after Las Tunas had turned into Main, we drove by Dog Haus, which Greg had already told me was good, so into the parking lot we turned. We split one of their Thai currywursts.

In Alhambra there's this over the top Heavy Metal-themed burger place called Grill 'Em All. It's a little famous, but the menu is (at first glance) a little too over the top for me, but Grandma calls it "Grill 'Ems" and that was too cute for me to not want to go get her a burger.

I had the sausage-gravy doused, bacon-topped, maple-infused Molly Hatchet burger. Greg had the Samoa Joe with pineapple. We brought Grandma home the straight-forward, California style Winger (a.k.a. "the Stewart). From the bite I stole of that one I can definitely say it was the best one. Mine and Greg's were fine, but like I said, just kinda too over the top for my tastes.

Driving back to Grandma's you could really see this San Gabriel mountain fire happening big time. 

It was a very San Marino/Alhambra day that day. I took some end of day photos in the backyard at the end of the day.

After the day ended, I finished the day with a visit to Pepe's with Collin (fresh from his basketball game) and then a whole lot of Uncharted at Greg's house.

Now here's a surprise you might not have been expecting! Mom flew out on Tuesday to help take care of Grandma. And I say "help take care of Grandma" because I haven't yet mentioned that the day before I went to California, Grandma broke her shoulder. And while I was doing a pretty good job of bringing her burgers, we all know Mom would do a better job at some of the other aspects of taking care of Grandma. But before going to Grandma's we met Collin for lunch on the Disney lot.

That night Collin had tickets to the big Hollywood red carpet premiere of the BFG. I had never been to a big Hollywood premiere before. After checking in and picking up my pass I thought for sure I'd be filed off to some non-VIP line but, nope, I walked the red carpet, passing Steven Spielberg on the way. The red carpet, pre-party, and premiere were packed with kids and tweens that I assumed were the children of Hollywood people but later found out were all Disney Channel stars and Vine sensations or teens with 3 million Instagram followers. Oops! Who's the old guy? It's me!

I liked the movie and recommend it to anyone who wants to watch a CGI Grandpa Barnes. After it ended I told Jermaine Clement that it was a good movie and he told me "Aw, cheers mate."