I Went Went, Back Back, to Cali Cali pt. 2

Slow Saturday day. I double-dip into LA burgers with a lunchtime trip to Tommy's and In n Out.

Saturday night I went down to Hollywood for a comedy show that turned out to be, err, pretty not funny BUT Milana Vayntrub (a.k.a. Lily from the AT&T ads) was one of the joke/story tellers so that was kinda cool.

Finished off the night with too many tacos at Leo's and a run across the street to try the tacos at Super Gallito

Sunday I drove down to Dana Point to hear Cher give a Father's Day talk at her church and then we ate salads on a lawn overlooking the ocean. That's how I like my beaches to be: lawns.

Then we drove to San Juan Capistrano for a field trip to the Mission. It was old and rocky and had lots of bells. Also: Very bright and sunny and hot. I got a spectacular forearm sunburn.

Hot as heck but happy I called it an Orange County day and headed back up for San Marino. I was cruising along nicely, approaching Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim stadium when Grandma's car stopped working...pressing the gas, there just wasn't any action. But I had the momentum to cruise to the side of the freeway and even down an off-ramp a bit. BUT thanks to the power of OnStar all I had to do was press a button and then wait FOUR HOURS for a tow truck. FOUR HOURS. I had a book, though. And my camera. And could even see the Disneyland fireworks around hour 3.5. So it could have been worse?