California Family History Tours

That blog title is dishonest. This whole post won't be about California family history. But a lot of it will be. The post is named after the majority of its content.

New Years Day! Family photo on the porch after church.

New Years Day Observed: Late dinner at a King Taco in South Central.

They'd turned a whole strip mall into one giant King Taco! And what a nice parking lot mural, too.

The next day we took our first California family history tour and saw where Grandma and Grandpa went to medical school, where Grandpa probably lived back then, the apartment Mom was a baby in, the beautiful old Westwood chapel, the grave of Grandma's sister who died after she was born Norma (which is at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery so we saw some cool celebrity and Armenian graves, too) and wrapped it up with a classic Hollywood lunch at Musso & Frank's and a drive by Grandma's old hospital. 

Afterwards: So tired. Three generations of naps.

But they did wake up for a neighborhood walk after the sun went down

That night I went and saw a taping of Doug Loves Movies with Greg and Becky and Becky made friends with Rachel Bloom.

The next day, a big day, we went to Fallbrook, where Grandma lived when she was little and saw the ranch I've heard so much about. 

But first, we visited relatives at Rose Hills.

Later, Greg and Becky would break out Ticket to Ride. So I broke out and met up with Lucas for Hostess treats and tacos.

Another day: lunch at Bob's Big Boy in Burbank with Collin, at last. A trip many years and many talks in the making.

One more day! A trip to the LA Temple with Mom and Emily and Grandma followed by lunch at the Pantry. Holy smokes was the Pantry good. I hadn't been there in, err, maybe 15 years? (the time just flew by!) I had a wonderful chicken fried steak but their toast, man oh man that toast!

So, in conclusion: Los Angeles is good. I like Los Angeles. Like it so much that I went back before this post even got posted! But before I post about that trip I'm going to post some New York stuff or else this just be a trips to California blog.