California Things That Were Not Disneyland

Well, if I'm going to pay for this website, I ought to be posting.


When last I blogged, I posted all about my two days at Disneyland with family. Now I would like to post about the day before Disneyland and the days after.

Got a nice early flight out of JFK over to LAX where Kristen and most of the kids picked me up. We went right over to El Huarache Azteca for a little lunch.

And then we passed a pleasant afternoon at Grandma's. The sun began to set dramatically and a great big rainbow came out and Kristen, Rachel and I went on a walk.

OK, now, insert here the two days of Disneyland.

Woke up Saturday morning not terribly Disney-hungover and put in some pool time before we drove up to lunch at Mom's Tamales before spending an afternoon post-Disney crashing. Or that's what I think we did. If there's not a photo, I don't remember what happened! No, wait. Now I know what we did. We had dinner at Twohey's. 

Sunday night I went and watched the Oscars on the west side.

Monday morning I drove Cory and Dad and Blake to the airport and we followed one of those cars that's in disguise because it's still just being tested out before being released. We absolutely could not figure out or even make a good guess at what kind of a car it was.

Mom and I took a walk to CalTech. Sorry, no turtle pictures.

That night I met up with Keith and we went on a Westside to Eastside taco tour of LA, hitting up places of deep taco-meaning for Keith. It was for an episode of my taco podcast, you can find that episode here. First we went to the cultishly beloved Titos, then a truck near LAX called Mariella's and then finally Taco Zone, so innocently parked in front of an empty Von's parking lot.

The next day I had to get back to New York, but not before getting lunch with everyone, plus Collin, at the Tam O'Shanter. Last time I went to Tam O'Shanter I didn't appreciate it. But now I'm grown, and I appreciate it.

Big things are coming to LAX. I'll be back soon.