March & April 2017

Nothing says "Blog Content" like going through your photos for any good or interesting pictures you might have from the last month. Or two. This isn't everything that happened, but it is everything that I took a picture of and thought : "Hey, not such a bad picture."

On March 2nd I went to the opening of the then new Ryan McGinley show with Patricia.

On March 4th I went to the stake youth fundraiser. The theme was "Candyland", but my theme was eating my friend Arthur's mom's taquitos.

On March 6th I went to the first Ignite night in a couple years. Took them a while to recover from my presentation on the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

On March 8th I ate a taco in my neighborhood. Here ends an exciting period where something happened every two days.

A week later, more or less, Greg and Becky came to New York. Greg went home first. Then Becky was stuck in the city because of the snow. On the day of the big snow we went up to my roof to shake out my rug. Hey, we did a lot of fun stuff on our snow day!

For weeks I had it in my head to try cooking a kimchi stew. By the time I could, it wasn't super cold and spicy stew friendly. I mean, still liked it a lot. Very proud of myself. Then next you'll see a dinner I whipped up with some Korean leftovers.

Cannot remember the circumstances where I was with all these Minions.

I was on this job for a while in March and April downtown where there was a mysterious empty break room in the basement where I could go in the afternoon and read because the made us take hour breaks.

March 30th was Ace's birthday. I hadn't seen him in nearly 9 years, but had been interacting with (or just reacting to?) his virtual (Facebook) form steadily for a while, so we arranged to celebrate his birthday in Chinatown. He lead me down Lafayette looking for a particular restaurant...turns out there's this one where he had been a regular customer and all the staff remembered him. We shared noodles and chicken wings and talked about old times.

After three years, the Whitney Biennial is back. It's funny to have lived in the city long enough to have been to so many Biennials. I definitely remember my first Biennial in 2004 and then the one in 2006—and I remember two Biennials that were very ho-hum, and I think I might have missed one or two, but it's always good to know the Biennial is back and even better to make it. This one was pretty good, the museum was a packed circus, I'd be interested in seeing a lot of that stuff again without having to wait or shove.

Just a few second before I took this picture there were a ton of pigeons there.

Street style blogger at work

Here's some neighborhood walking around pics

Remember Allison? Seems like a while since we've seen her around here. And, well, it might be a while before we see her again, because she's taking off for Utah, so because of that I am glad I traveled out to the Brooklyn Bridge Shake Shack for her going away party (even though we live less than 5 blocks away from each other in East Harlem). Allison and baby photo followed by Brooklyn walking-around photos.

Then April 26th I went to see 21 Savage and Young M.A. at Irving Plaza. I wasn't familiar with Miss Young M.A.'s work, but the crowd sure was. 21 Savage came out in a Jason Vorhees get up, did a micro set of his "older" (not that old) stuff, left the stage and his DJ just played popular songs for fifteen minutes, and then he came back out and played all his popular songs. The most popular songs he just did over and over 2 or 3 times. I think I got my money's, and my night out's, worth.

And that's it for March and April. I'll see you again soon about a trip to Chicago.