Ah Yes, November...

Wouldn’t the first weeks of January 2019 be a great time to look at things from November 2018? I thought so, too!

November got off to a wild start when one day I was checking Instagram and saw that Grace and Dave were across the street from my work at the Nintendo store so I ran over to say to them a surprise Hello. Social Media, you made this possible!


Took an early morning Inwood Hill Park hike with Ned one early morning. This is actually Inwood Hill Park Hike #1 of 3 for November.

Some after work photo walk photos:

The night after it opened, I went to the new Momofuku Noodle Bar at Columbus Circle with Tara, Dallin and Colette. Absolutely beautiful restaurant, struggling service, lagging back of house, food mostly largely unremarkable. This seems to be the story of the Momofukus in general these days. Great company, though!

The big November thing was Emily came out for Thanksgiving. Night #1 we started with dessert at Morgenstern’s and then had dinner at Emily’s. Not Emily’s house! But the pizza place called Emily’s.

Then Thanksgiving itself! Started with cooking and hanging at our house and finished with the big dinner at Ned’s!

Friday morning I went with Emily to Daily Provisions for breakfast before heading into work for the day.

After work I met up with the sibs at the Nintendo store, headed down to Superiority Burger, also went to Otto’s Tacos, and then walked down to the Seaglass Carousel.

Saturday morning, before Emily flies back to Chicago, one more Inwood Hill Park hike lead by Ned.

Ok, just a few more things: that Saturday I joined Victoria and Logan for lunch at a GREAT new-ish place in Brooklyn called Win Son. And one Sunday night I made my own Hot Chicken and now I feel unstoppable.