December Pt 1

Nothing says “beginning of February” quite like posting about the month of December!

Things kicked off with the annual stake Christmas concert.

I was working off Rockefeller Center and had many opportunities to push my way through the holiday crowds.

Dipped into nearby St Patrick’s to observe some of the Dia de la Virgin goings on

We had a nice ward Christmas party and I was also invited to attend the LDSPA (probably not the right abbreviation?) dinner

And then, the big event of December: Mom and Dad came to town just before Christmas. Day One we ate at Ikinari Steak and Olmsted

Day Two: Lunch at Carbone and a viewing of the Bands Visit that night

Day 3: Korean Fried Chicken for dinner, a visit to the Mogan Library, and dessert at Empellon. That is not an avocado!

Day 4: Lunch at Cosme, dinner not pictured, Mom bought a goat, and we saw the Magic Flute

Day Five: After a great Christmas program at the Union Square chapel, we lunch at Spotted Pig, grab some DKAs, I show off my new knife from Cory, and we fly to Chicago!

Ok, I really think I can get the rest of December posted before March happens but we’ll see!