February Break, pt. 3

And so, yes, I flew to Los Angeles. Grandma and I met with Cousin Jim at El Habañero, a taco shop across the street from the Boat I was curious about. And my curiosity was rewarded! Tacos were quite good, I’d be glad to go back sometime.

Driving through San Marino, past my alma mater, down to Alhambra for a haircut and a visit to the pet store…

And then I went over to Aunt Louise’s for a visit and a look at some old Condie family treasures. And Bunker treasures.

That night I went down to Korea Town for some great tacos from Tacos 1986 and a pretty good pattymelt from Cassell’s.

The next morning, a hike through Griffith Park with Cher followed by lunch at Dune and a little walking around of Atwater Village.

Most other mornings I’d take a walk to San Marino to see the Cal Tech turtles. Here’s a combination of all those walks:

A major thing that happened while I was in LA is I started eating at Burgers Must Die. These crispy smash burgers drove me nuts. A++, 10/10, So Good!

Wednesday night? Bulldogs at Yaki’s with Collin

Thursday morning I put an egg on a tamal and went to the Santa Anita mall to watch Battle Angel Alita while Grandma hosted DUP. That mall doesn’t look anything like I remember.

Friday evening: Highland Park taco crawl with Lucas after a little Burgers Never Say Die pregame

Then Saturday I went to Disneyland. That’s probably it’s own post. Sunday, church with grandma and a flight back to New York.